Consumer Products Safety Assessment

Consumer Products are regulated within Europe under the General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) (2001/95/EC). The GPSD aims to ensure a high level of product safety throughout the EU for consumer products not covered by specific sector legislation. The obligation is on the producer and distributor to place only safe products on the market, and inform consumers of any risks associated with the products they supply. They must take appropriate measures to prevent such risks and be able to trace consumer_productsdangerous products”.

How can you ensure conformity with EU legislation and provide assurance on the safety of your product?

You call on bibra. An organisation that can provide assistance with any toxicological issues arising from regulations controlling the marketing and use of consumer products. An organisation that has a team of toxicologists that have wide experience in the evaluation of the toxicological risks posed by single ingredients or contaminants, or multi-component products. A team of toxicologists that also has hands-on experience of working within the sector using systems applications such as SAP (EHS data management) for Consumer Product solutions.

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The team of toxicologists at bibra has many years' experience of providing hazard reviews on individual ingredients, or assessing the safety of multi-component formulations.

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