Safety Evaluation of Food-Contact Materials

There are specific regulatory requirements governing materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. One of the key legislative requirements is that a food-contact material should not present a risk to the consumer. Here at bibra, our outstanding team of scientists has extensive experience in evaluating the toxicological risks posed by single chemicals or multi-component formulations. For the last 50 years, bibra has provided advice to food packaging companies on the toxicological acceptability or safety-in-use of their products in a specified application (e.g. adhesives, confectionery wrappers, food labels, etc.). We are able to act as an honest broker, identifying the individual chemicals that make up the formulation(s) (under strict conditions of confidentiality), evaluating their toxicology, and assessing the potential risks that might arise based on the likely exposure from the proposed use. Even if the formulation is found to present a safety risk, there is no divulging of confidential information; the client receives from bibra a simple statement on safety-in-use. 


food_contact_sweetsOf course some of the chemicals in the formulation may not have been subject to any detailed toxicological scrutiny. In the absence of toxicity data, we are skilled in conducting read-across from structurally-related chemicals, and have expertise in applying the threshold of toxicological concern (TTC) concept. 

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