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James Hopkins - Managing Director
Our eclectic bunch of highly skilled and extremely well qualified people with academic backgrounds in various strands of biology and chemistry all have two things in common: a love of science and a passion for chemical toxicology. Without embarrassing some of the older members of the team by being birth-date specific, I doubt there is a group of scientists more experienced and capable in the field of chemical risk and hazard assessment in Europe today.

Having said this, we have an interesting mix of ages in the group which means we bring to every client interaction the wisdom that comes with grey hairs combined with the energy, drive and exuberance of the younger members of the team. Our complementary skill sets also ensure that any bibra project team can deliver quality over the full spectrum of toxicity problems.

Our Corporate CV gives a good idea of the type of work we do; it also gives you a clear indication of the length of time most of our group have worked together. When people work happily side-by-side in the same team, at the same company for, on average, more than 19 years, and have a record of client retention that is second to none, they – and the company – must be doing something right. We’d welcome the opportunity to demonstrate – and prove – why we think we are a world-class organisation and why we should be your partner of choice in addressing all your requirements in the field of chemical risk and hazard assessment.


James Hopkins
Managing Director


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