13th Dec 2013 Contact detail change
29th Oct 2013 New Issue – Toxicology and Regulatory News: November 2013
29th Oct 2013 November REACH update
28th Oct 2013 Biocidal Products Regulation
28th Oct 2013 OECD updates test guidelines
28th Oct 2013 SCHER opinion on mercury in dental amalgam
28th Oct 2013 Committee on Toxicity October meeting
28th Oct 2013 Final IRIS toxicological review of 1,4-dioxane from EPA
28th Oct 2013 New AEGLs for several airborne chemicals published by NRC
26th Sep 2013 Biocidal Products Regulation
26th Sep 2013 IPCS CICAD on inorganic chromium (VI) compounds
26th Sep 2013 SCOEL methodology for deriving occupational exposure limits (OELs)
26th Sep 2013 EPA makes available three IRIS toxicological reviews
26th Sep 2013 Draft NTP Report on Carcinogens (RoC) – monographs for ortho-toluidine and pentachlorophenol (PCP)
25th Sep 2013 October REACH update
23rd Sep 2013 Meet us: Medical Devices Seminar - Derby
28th Aug 2013 September REACH update
27th Aug 2013 Biocides News
27th Aug 2013 New OECD guidelines for the testing of chemicals
27th Aug 2013 Risk assessment of nanotechnologies in food production
27th Aug 2013 Guidance on chronic food/feed studies analysed by EFSA
27th Aug 2013 Revised evaluation of the inhalation carcinogenicity of ethylene oxide
27th Aug 2013 Canadian assessment of petroleum sector chemicals
26th Jul 2013 August REACH update
25th Jul 2013 Public consultation on the inclusion of six substances in ECHA’s Authorisation list
25th Jul 2013 Biocides News
25th Jul 2013 JECFA releases summary and conclusions on food additives and contaminants
25th Jul 2013 EFSA perspective on the risk assessment of combined exposure to chemicals
25th Jul 2013 Committee on Toxicity July meeting
25th Jul 2013 EPA publishes draft ‘state of the science’ evaluation for non-monotonic dose responses
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