12th Jun 2014 ECHA Newsletter - Guest Column
22nd May 2014 June REACH Update
22nd May 2014 OECD guidance on the grouping of chemicals for data-gap filling
22nd May 2014 Biocidal Products Regulation
22nd May 2014 EFSA reviews advances in methods and tools for toxicological assessment
22nd May 2014 COT May deliberations
22nd May 2014 Draft EPA reviews of PFOA and PFOS
15th May 2014 May REACH Update
15th May 2014 Biocidal Products Regulation
15th May 2014 Risk assessment guidance from the Danish EPA
15th May 2014 Outcome of the 130th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel
15th May 2014 Four draft NTP toxicology and carcinogenicity reports released
15th May 2014 Australian assessments of industrial chemicals
15th Apr 2014 April REACH Update
15th Apr 2014 Biocidal Products Regulation
15th Apr 2014 ECVAM finalises its recommendations on the KeratinoSens™ skin sensitisation assay
15th Apr 2014 EFSA considers the health risks of dietary chromium
15th Apr 2014 Committee on Toxicity March deliberations
15th Apr 2014 ACGIH occupational exposure values – 2014 updated booklets
15th Apr 2014 US EPA releases BPA and decaBDE alternatives assessments
15th Mar 2014 March REACH Update
5th Jan 2014 January/February REACH Update
5th Jan 2014 Biocidal Products Regulation
5th Jan 2014 JECFA findings on food additives and contaminants
5th Jan 2014 Full report of JMPR’s 2013 meeting
5th Jan 2014 IARC monographs 105 and 106
5th Jan 2014 EFSA re-evaluates aspartame
5th Jan 2014 Outcome of the 129th meeting of the CIR Expert Panel
5th Jan 2014 Canadian assessment of tetrabromobisphenol A (TBBPA)
1st Jan 2014 December REACH Update
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