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Toxicology and Regulatory News (TRN) is a monthly current awareness publication containing expert commentaries on key toxicological reports. TRN has been in production for over 50 years (albeit with the occasional change of name), making it probably the longest running publication of its type. Written by toxicologists specially trained in the art of toxicity data interpretation, TRN is aimed at both toxicologists and non-specialists alike. In its unique way it communicates to a diverse audience the key toxicological developments relevant to product safety across a wide range of industry sectors.

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When compiling TRN, it is our aim to ensure that no substantive paper of critical importance is overlooked. We regularly and systematically screen the official publications and websites of government departments and expert groups, as well as a large number of peer-reviewed toxicology and nutrition journals and secondary sources. The items selected for inclusion in TRN cover key, health-related findings that may affect product safety and regulatory acceptability, as well as major pronouncements from national and international authorities and other respected groups. All items are identified by our senior toxicologists who individually have over 30 years of experience in writing for the publication.

The selected items are expertly summarised, to notify the reader of key developments, and even more important, to put them into perspective. We see TRN as an invaluable tool for our clients, allowing informed decisions to be made in areas crucial to their business needs. By leaving the scanning and review of critical information to the experts at bibra, our clients can concentrate on other areas of their business, confident that they are well briefed on the safety issues of the day.

bibra_trn_May_2012TRN can be supplied as an electronic file which is simple to access, electronically searchable, and has links to all the cited websites. Click here to view a sample. Alternatively, TRN is available in hard copy form, which can be carried around or conveniently stored on a shelf in the office or library. For details of subscription fees click here.

See our News pages for recent items of interest, or the TRN Contents page, to review those items included in the most recent issue. Contents of previous issues (2006 onwards) can also be accessed electronically.

Toxicology and Regulatory News - an invaluable publication for toxicologists and managers alike

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