About Us

Vastly experienced, but with the energy, hunger and drive of a young organisation – extremely successful – a clear and positive philosophy

We occupy a unique position in the world of desk-based toxicology. On one hand we have all the attributes of a young company – brimming with energy, new ideas, and a real desire to delight our clients. Yet we also have enormous experience, with a world-class pool of mature talent, all superbly qualified to meet our clients’ requirements, plus the finest chemical toxicology information source in the world (our TRACE database and databank). Our history is unusual, and reflects this combination of scientific expertise, knowledge and gravitas, together with an extraordinary desire and set of standards that ensure we provide only the highest quality science for our clients.

Since becoming privately-owned and independently-managed, we have been extremely successful. Financially sound, we have no debt, and no long-term financial obligations.

Our values are very simple; we will provide only the best of scientific help and assistance, and we will do so in a way that guarantees our support to you whenever, and wherever, you need it.

Expertise   Knowledge   Integrity