Charlie Johnson

Charlie joined the bibra team in mid-2015 after he completed his MChem degree, which included a six-month organic chemistry project in Queensland, Australia.

Charlie has been involved in various projects, notably in the e-cigarette and medical device industries. Regarding the former, he has reviewed a huge number of e-liquid ingredients, producing toxicity and addictiveness monographs, screening for high-concern compounds and also conducting risk assessments for key e-cig emissions. See Charlie’s blog posts about toxicology in the e-cig industry. He has also assessed the biocompatibility of many medical devices, including wound dressings and injection pens.

Producing health hazard and risk assessments for clients from the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and extractables and leachables industries is also a core competency, and he has performed comprehensive literature searches for clients intending to register chemicals under EU REACH legislation, and has helped to prepare IUCLID dossiers.

After regularly scanning multi- and international expert group websites for toxicological reports, Charlie summarises his key findings in Toxicology and Regulatory News, bibra’s monthly publication on critical developments in toxicology.

In his spare time Charlie can be found in the gym, on the squash court or hunting for the best pubs and restaurants London has to offer.


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