Volume 46, Number 9

September 2007 



IARC verdicts on 1,3-butadiene, ethylene oxide and three vinyl halides
Draft SIDS Initial Assessment Reports (SIARs)
OECD considers nanomaterials
UN revises Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
OECD workshop on perfluorocarboxylic acids and precursors
OECD reports on in vitro testing of endocrine disruptors and uterotrophic bioassay


Keep new guidance documents in REACH
SCENIHR assessments on the health effects of smokeless tobacco products …
… and on methods required to evaluate the risk of nanoparticles
SCCP deliberations …
… on phthalates in perfumes
… on HC Yellow No. 10
… on 1,3-bis-(2,4-diaminophenoxy)propane
… and on 2-hydroxyethyl picramic acid, 4-nitrophenyl aminoethylurea and HC Red No. 13
EFSA’s latest pesticide assessments
Draft assessment reports on five pesticides available from EFSA
Food-contact materials – more EFSA assessments
EFSA approves zeolite as a feed additive for dairy cows
Hormone residues in meat assessed by EFSA
EFSA evaluates ethyl lauroyl arginate
Genetically modified (GM) soybeans assessed by EFSA
EFSA guidance on health claim applications made on foods
Report issued by EFSA on risk-benefit analysis of foods


Nasopharyngeal cancer and exposure to wood dust – IIAC opinion issued
COMEAP draft report on air pollution and mortality
COT statement on PAVA in stunning reformulated product
Kiwiberry concentrate – ACNFP considers novel food application


IRIS summary and supporting toxicological review for 2,2,4-trimethylpentane finalised
Dimethylaminopropyl chloride, hydrochloride put through its NTP paces
NTP RoC – draft background documents for captafol and ortho-nitrotoluene
SAB reviews EPA assessments of arsenic’s carcinogenicity
Updated and revised submissions to the EPA HPV Program
OEHHA child specific reference doses for atrazine and deltamethrin
Nanotechnology recommendations and regulatory implications – FDA talk tiny
Pesticide tolerance petitions filed with the EPA
Several pesticide tolerance announcements issued by the EPA
EPA RED for benzoic acid, and related risk assessments on acrolein, bromonitrostyrene and naphthenate salts
EPA pesticide Registration Review for fenoxycarb and urea sulphate
FDA GRAS status for ammonium phosphatide
EPA Exposure Factors Handbook for the more mature


FSANZ safety assessments
DECOS issues draft reviews on the carcinogenicity and genotoxicity of various chemicals
RIVM scientists evaluate two-generation animal studies


Developmental toxicity of N-ethyl-2-pyrrolidone
Arsenic workshop sponsored by US EPA
Asbestos and lung cancer
Diesel vegetable oil fuels genotoxic debate
Diphenyl diselenide caused DNA damage in multiple organs in mice
Reproductive and developmental toxicity of alkyl polyglucosides tested in rats
Triclosan affected thyroid hormone levels in rats
Limonene oxidation products may be more irritating to older lungs
Brain tumours – a consequence of protecting a fine French wine?
In utero exposure to anti-androgens adds up to changes in male sexual development
Water disinfectant by-product reduces reproductive prowess of rabbits
Ochratoxin A (OTA) and kidney carcinogenicity – a threshold mechanism may be involved
Glucan from bakers yeast tested in 90-day study
Sticky problems encountered with oligoglucosamine
Milk tripeptides evaluated for safety-in-use
Geniposide in gardenia yellow tested in 90-day rat feeding study
Magnesium may help reduce the risk of diabetes
Folate fortification and colorectal cancer
Genistein tested in developmental study
Different flavonoids may protect against oral and pharyngeal cancer
Hydroquinone inhibits early stages of liver tumour formation in rats
Toona sinensis Roemor leaves – freeze-dried water extract tested for toxicity
Safety tests on Hopsphenon®, a polyphenol-rich hop bract extract
Peppers may protect against breast cancer
Grapefruit may leave sour taste for post-menopausal women
Up the apples and pears to prevent lung cancer?
Stop blinking … have a coffee break …
… and how about another coffee for the liver?
Sugar-sweetened drinks may not be linked to growth of obesity
Red meat and endometrial cancer

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