2,4-Pentanedione was irritant to the skin of man, the skin and eyes of rabbits and the nasal passages of rats. It was of moderate acute toxicity to rabbits by the dermal route, and by ingestion or inhalation to rats, mice and rabbits. The sites of toxic attack identified in studies involving oral, dermal, inhalation or injection administration have included the nervous system, thymus, liver, lung and stomach of rats and rabbits. Foetal toxicity, but no malformations of the offspring, was reported in rats exposed by inhalation during pregnancy. A dominant lethal assay in rats indicated a weak genotoxic potential. Chromosomal damage occurred in mice given a single intraperitoneal injection and effects on the chromosomes were seen in mammalian cells in culture. It was not mutagenic in an (Ames) bacterial test.

Date of Publication: 1990

Number of Pages: 5

CAS Number*: 123-54-6

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