alpha-Methylstyrene was a skin and eye irritant in rabbits and when present in the atmosphere induced eye and nasal irritation in humans. It is possibly a skin sensitizer. A low acute oral and inhalation toxicity was demonstrated in laboratory animals. The sites of toxic injury in the oral studies included the nervous system, liver, lung, kidney, and gastro-intestinal tract. Studies conducted in the West involving repeated inhalation found mild effects on the liver and kidney in several species of laboratory animal, whereas a much wider range of toxicity targets and more severe damage were reported in Soviet studies of rats exposed to alpha-methylstyrene and in Soviet workforces exposed principally to alpha-methylstyrene and butadiene. Reproductive effects occurred in rats exposed to alpha-methylstyrene by inhalation. Chromosomal effects in human cells in culture have been claimed.

Date of Publication: 1989

Number of Pages: 9

CAS Number*: 98-83-9

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