Local exposure to the persulphates has produced skin and eye irritation and sensitization reactions (including skin and respiratory effects) in man. Two cases have been reported of an immediate severe reaction, involving momentary loss of consciousness, following the application of hair bleaches containing ammonium persulphate. The salts are of moderate to high acute toxicity to laboratory animals when administered orally or by injection. Repeated oral administration of sodium persulphate to rats caused damage to the intestine lining, and lung effects were noted in rats exposed to ammonium persulphate aerosol. A possible local carcinogenic action was seen in mice receiving repeated skin applications of ammonium persulphate. The ammonium salt gave no evidence of genotoxic activity in bacterial mutagenicity tests (including the Ames assay) or in tests for chromosomal damage with mammalian cells in culture.

Date of Publication: 1997

Number of Pages: 9

CAS Number*: 7727-54-0



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