Dimethylacetamide has caused mild skin irritation in man and was a mild skin and eye irritant in various species of laboratory animals. In rodents, the acute oral and inhalation toxicity was low and moderate respectively, with effects being seen on the respiratory system, nervous system, liver and kidney. The acute oral and dermal toxicity in rabbits was low. In man, repeated doses probably given by injection led to reversible mental disturbances, and in groups of workers liver and blood effects have been reported. Repeated exposures by the inhalation, dermal and oral routes affected various organs, particularly the liver, testes, lungs and stomach in rats, rabbits and dogs. Foetal toxicity was seen when pregnant rats and rabbits were treated orally, dermally or by inhalation. A low incidence of malformations was seen in rats at maternally toxic oral doses. No evidence of genotoxicity was seen in rodents treated by injection or inhalation or in bacterial tests including the Ames mutagenicity test.

Date of Publication: 1989

Number of Pages: 10

CAS Number*: 127-19-5

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