In acute studies, isophthalic acid was of low oral and inhalation toxicity in rodents, and of low dermal toxicity in rabbits. Mice given single intraperitoneal injections exhibited effects on the nervous system. Urinary tract stones apparently developed when isophthalic acid was given repeatedly in the diet of rats. No adverse effects were reported in limited studies in rats exposed for a few weeks by inhalation. There were evidently no effects on reproduction or foetal malformations when pregnant rats inhaled isophthalic acid. A brief abstract reports that isophthalic acid was not mutagenic in Ames bacterial tests and did not induce chromosomal damage in human or hamster cells in culture. In rabbits, it was a mild to moderate eye irritant, but minimally irritating to the skin.

Date of Publication: 1996

Number of Pages: 5

CAS Number*: 121-91-5

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