n-Butyl acrylate has shown skin sensitizing potential in man and was a moderate skin irritant. In laboratory animals, a powerful skin sensitizing potential and skin, eye, nose and respiratory tract irritation have been reported. n-Butyl acrylate was of moderate to low acute toxicity in laboratory animals treated by the oral, inhalation or dermal routes, with effects on the lungs, kidneys, liver and gastro-intestinal tract being observed. An oral reproductive study in mice and an inhalation study in rats revealed foetal malformations and embryo deaths, respectively, at maternally toxic doses. There was no convincing evidence of local carcinogenicity in a dermal study in mice. No genotoxic potential was seen in a variety of in vitro screening assays, including the Ames bacterial test, and chromosomal damage was not induced in hamsters and rats exposed by inhalation.

Date of Publication: 1991

Number of Pages: 8

CAS Number*: 141-32-2

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