Several cases of skin reactions have been recorded in sensitization studies in man. Repeated application of formulations containing polyethylene glycol 300 (PEG 300) and higher molecular weight polyethylene glycols to patients with extensive areas of burned skin and repeated injection of a formulation containing PEG 300 to subjects with kidney disease produced severe kidney damage and metabolic disruption which resulted in death in some cases. Metabolic disturbances were also produced by repeated application of a polyethylene glycol blend (containing PEG 300 and higher molecular weight polyethylene glycols) to open wounds in rabbits, but application of PEG 300 to intact skin was without apparent effect. PEG 300 caused mild irritation in rabbit eyes but was not irritant to the skin of rabbits or mice. It was of low acute oral toxicity in laboratory animals. Repeated oral administration caused kidney and liver damage in rats.

Date of Publication: 1991

Number of Pages: 5

CAS Number*: 2615-15-8


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