Emma Russell Senior Toxicologist

RSB/BTS and European Registered Toxicologist

Emma has nearly 20 years of experience in desk-based toxicology. In this time, she has become an expert in identifying, reviewing and critically evaluating toxicological data, often for safety-in-use and/or regulatory acceptability assessment purposes. She has worked for clients from the food and drinks, food contact materials, household and consumer products, plant protection products, industrial chemical, pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors.

Her more recent work has included the peer-review and preparation of hazard assessments for a large number of consumer-product chemicals and the preparation of LRRs (Literature Review Reports) for plant protection product submissions under regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009.

In her spare time, Emma can be found balancing on, hanging from or becoming entangled in a trapeze (occasionally she even talks someone else into joining her up there). She also enjoys swimming and wearing out shoe-leather in urban and rural spaces. And anything that involves climbing or dangling.

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