Margaret Davies Toxicologist

Margaret’s time with BIBRA has extended for more years than she can believe, starting in the former laboratories, where her key research interests included the effect of diet on the intestinal microflora and the influence of the “good and bad bacteria” on the intestinal mucosa, genetic toxicology and molecular mechanisms of carcinogenicity. During this time she produced a number of research publications, was a Partner in several EC projects and produced risk assessments submitted to UK authorities under the regulations for both the contained use and deliberate release of genetically modified organisms. She was also the Safety Adviser to BIBRA management for many years, responsible for compliance to all UK safety laws. Nowadays, Margaret uses her extensive experience in reviewing and critically evaluating toxicological data on a wide range of chemicals, in searching external databases for toxicological literature and monitored key health-related publications and legislative changes in the European Union concerning the control of food, chemicals and chemical products.

Margaret has two beautiful grandchildren; her granddaughter could never understand why she preferred cheese to chocolate, but since she was diagnosed with a nut allergy, Margaret has enjoyed preparing chocolate cakes that she could still enjoy without any adverse effects. Her grandson’s hate of tomatoes (all that lycopene!), but his love of pizzas, she is still working on!

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