Immunological effects of e-cigarette aerosols


The client wished bibra to conduct a literature search and briefly summarise any papers relating to the immune effects of e-cigarette aerosols or liquids.


A large international company specialising in inhalable nicotine delivery products.

Project goals

To gather the most relevant studies regarding the impact of e-cigarette aerosols on the immune system and succinctly summarise them.


Bibra carried out multiple literature searches of TRACE and the PubMed and Toxline databases, combining search terms such as e-cigarettes, vaping, e-liquids etc. with a wide range of immune-related terms including (but not limited to) sensitisation, dermatitis, allergen and asthma. With a combined total of over 10,000 hits, this search was further refined (after discussion with the client) until a small number of the most relevant studies had been decided upon. The relevant data from these articles was then summarised by a bibra toxicologist for use by the client.

Bibra project team

Tanya Diver


Electronic cigarettes

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