Provision of regular updates on the regulatory status of chemicals relevant to a client’s manufacturing process


Regulatory information on chemicals is constantly changing and current awareness of a chemical’s regulatory status in the European Union and worldwide is key for responsible companies.


A manufacturer of polymer products.

Project goals

To provide the client with a quarterly update on the regulatory status of approximately 100 relevant chemicals in the EU and USA, and to predict the likelihood of a change in regulatory control.


Every 3 months, bibra searches a range of databases for available regulatory data on each chemical. For the EU, these cover the processes leading to harmonised classification and labelling (CLP), restriction and/or authorisation. Critical data sources for the United States included the US EPA TSCA Inventory and the significant new alternatives policy (SNAP) programme.

Project outcome

Search results are provided quarterly to the client in a concise spreadsheet, highlighting changes in the current regulatory status of each chemical, and concluding on the likely risk of a future change in regulatory control within Europe – defined as “high” (potential risk for tighter regulatory controls), “medium” or “low” (potential low / no risk for tighter regulatory controls).

Bibra project team

Beth O’Connell

Richard Young


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