Tabulated brief toxicological overviews of chemicals potentially present in cleaning agents


A multi-national food manufacturing company required tabulation of key toxicological information on chemicals that may possibly be present in cleaning agents, including the most pertinent data on toxicity, health criteria values and data on exposure through food.


A global food manufacturer.

Project goals

To devise a suitable spreadsheet format in which to tabulate the key data on a list of chemicals that could potentially be present in cleaning agents used in the client’s food manufacturing factories, and to populate the table with such data for two example substances.


Bibra has many years of experience and expertise in preparing chemical hazard reviews. Our in-house database (TRACE) provided a quick and efficient route to the most relevant Expert Group evaluation(s) and was backed up by online searches for toxicity data published subsequently. Critical publications on toxicity, health criteria values and estimated oral intake levels were identified for each substance and any pertinent information was extracted.

Project outcome

Very concise summaries of the critical aspects of the toxicity of each substance were entered into the spreadsheet, together with the appropriate bibliographic references. Health-based guidance values, such as tolerable daily intake (TDI) or Reference Dose (RfD), were also tabulated along with any data identified on oral exposure, such as dietary or drinking water intake.

Bibra project team

Anne Edwards
Tanya Diver


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