Rebecca Groves Toxicologist

Becky has been a toxicologist at bibra for little over a year, in which time she has become skilled in identifying and evaluating toxicological data to assess health hazards and risks relating to chemical exposures.  Prior to this, she gained a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Leicester, and an MSc in Forensic Science from the University of Strathclyde.

Becky’s bibra clients have come from a range of sectors, including medical devices, consumer products and food. Notable projects have included the preparation of hazard reports on major consumer substances, using the published literature to generate reports on general systemic toxicity, co-carcinogenicity, and cardiovascular, reproductive and developmental effects. Becky has also assessed the biocompatibility of a range of medical devices, been involved in bibra’s REACH work, and has drafted toxicological profiles on a wide variety of compounds.

Becky writes for Toxicology and Regulatory News, bibra’s monthly publication summarising critical developments and reports relevant to the field of mammalian toxicology.

Outside of work Becky is very active – playing netball competitively each week for a local club. She also enjoys horse riding and dancing and has taken on various challenges in the past, such as climbing (and reaching the summit of) Kilimanjaro.