Suzanne Magri Demajo Toxicologist

Suzanne joined bibra in 2012 on a part-time basis following a 15-year stint in the sphere of pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and medicines regulation. She is a pharmacist by profession, but also specialises in medical toxicology (her pet subject since her undergraduate days). A transition to work in regulatory toxicology and risk assessment thus came natural to Suzanne over the years, as she is especially passionate about structure-activity modelling as applied to hazard identification and chemical risk characterization.

Suzanne’s work at bibra involves toxicology profiling based on the latest available substance-specific literature. These concise but comprehensive and scientifically-transparent reviews encompass information regarding the chemical’s identity, its physico-chemical properties and its regulatory risk classification and corresponding exposure controls. A significant component of each review also involves the critical assessment of published mammalian and in vitro dose-response data sets investigating a variety of pathological and biochemical endpoints inherently indicative of an array of toxicities ranging from local tissue effects, intolerance and skin sensitization to single and repeated exposure toxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity and reproductive and developmental toxicity.