Volume 51, Number 4

April 2012


Finalised guidance on immunotoxicity risk assessment from WHO
OECD conclusions from first CoCAM meeting
Full JECFA report of 74th meeting on food additives and contaminants
“Little blue book” for JECFA’s 75th meeting on veterinary drug residues in food
Toxicological monographs from JMPR
IARC conclusions on bitumens and some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)


…Four RAC opinions on harmonised classification and labelling
…Two proposals for harmonised classification and labelling
…Denmark proposes restriction on chromium (VI) compounds
…More consultations for substances of very high concern (SVHCs)
…RIVM evaluates risk management options for sensitizers
…Other items of interest
Endocrine disruption subject to review for European Commission
EFSA guidance on default assumptions used in risk assessment
EFSA evaluates carotenes, a carotenal and butylated hydroxytoluene
Phomopsins in food reviewed by EFSA
Health effects of vitamins A, C, E and K reviewed for EFSA
Updated assessment of smoke flavouring from EFSA
EFSA flavouring group evaluation
EFSA publishes draft assessment reports on some pesticides…
…and gives its conclusions on others
‘EMEA’ revises monograph on bearberry leaf and finalises public statement on thujone
More SCOEL reports now available on ortho-anisidine and acrylamide
DECOS evaluates potassium cyanide, 1,1,1-trichloroethane and talc
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) reviewed by NEG
Proposed occupational exposure limit for trichloramine
BfR opinion on plant sterols and stanols
Di-2-propylheptyl phthalate (DPHP) and N-nitrosamines in toys – BfR releases its opinions
Wood smoke toxicity reviewed by RIVM


COT March deliberations
ACP and COT draft report on bystander health risk from exposure to pesticides
COM Guidance strategy
Occupational exposures, lifestyle, environment, and cancer


ATSDR final profile for RDX (cyclonite)
Final NTP technical report on toxicology and carcinogenicity studies of kava kava extract
Proposed amendment to the NSRLs for trichloroethylene by OEHHA
NRC AEGLs for five airborne chemicals (or groups of chemicals)
ACGIH occupational exposure values
CIR final reports, re-reviews and tentative safety assessments on several cosmetic ingredients

APVMA summary of saflufenacil
Two full public reports from NICNAS
IRSST reviews cancer risks for shipyard workers
Salicylate exposure – a cause for concern?

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