Volume 48, Number 8

August 2009


OECD – ‘draft final’ SIAR on ethylene glycols category
Further IARC volumes move onto the information superhighway
Guidance on use of OECD (Q)SAR Application Toolbox


No summer holidays yet within REACH?
…Annex XVII of REACH Regulation revised
…Draft guidance documents on Annex V exemptions and information requirements
…Guidance in a Nutshell, for those allergic to reading complete works
…Shape up for summer by getting active in a SIEF
Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP)
…Harmonised classification and labelling
…Diantimony trioxide may not be so irritating in winter
…Presentations on preparing for the CLP Regulation – sit back and enjoy the show
…Questions on CLP? ECHA provides some answers
Revised ECETOC targeted risk assessment (TRA) tools
EU draft risk assessment reports
Insecticides reviewed – draft biocide evaluations available from EC Environment
Draft risk assessment report on bispyribac-sodium published by EFSA
EFSA view on the pesticide lufenuron
Updated EFSA advice on 4-methylbenzophenone and an evaluation of benzophenone
Marine biotoxins found in shellfish – EFSA reviews pectenotoxins (PTX)
Exhausted from assessing vitamins and minerals, does EFSA need a supplement?
Barbecue time as EFSA considers woodsmoke flavourings
Benchmark dose (BMD) approach in risk assessment gets EFSA scrutiny
Beauty without the beast? COLIPA reviews in vitro approaches to cosmetics testing
Alternative test for skin corrosion endorsed by ECVAM
EFSA promotes alternatives to animal testing


Reducing occupational cancers – IOM scientist notes attitude may be the key
Nanomaterials in the environment – UK government ventures into tiny matters
Defra air quality guidelines for metals and hydrogen halides
COT June deliberations
SACN draft report on iron and health
Summer ACNFP meeting postponed


Background checks for NTP nominations
NRC AEGLs: acetone cyanohydrin, carbon disulphide, monochloroacetic acid and phenol
Lubricating grease thickeners re-reviewed under EPA HPV Program
OEHHA public health goals (PHGs) for dalapon and four trihalomethanes in drinking water
Tolerance petitions filed with EPA for the insecticides diazinon and spirodiclofen
Pesticide ingredients – EPA tolerance announcements
Updated EPA Reregistration Eligibility Decisions for copper compounds and malathion
EPA releases Pesticide Registration Review documents for several pesticide ingredients
FDA assesses health claim petitions for vitamins C and E, and selenium


DECOS considers HBROELs for asbestos
Diethylene glycol evaluated by NICNAS
NICNAS – Full Public Reports on new chemicals

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