In response to its obligations under the new work plan of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA),
five risk assessments have been drafted by the US EPA for public comment:

  •  antimony trioxide
  • methylene chloride (dichloromethane) in paint strippers
  • N-methylpyrrolidone in paint strippers
  • trichloroethylene as a degreaser and in art/craft uses
  • hexahydrohexamethyl cyclopentabenzopyran (HHCB)

Potential human health effects are thoroughly assessed in each report. In the case of antimony trioxide and HHCB, the EPA concluded that the overall risk of adverse effects is low.  However, when considering specific uses of methylene chloride, N-methylpyrrolidone and trichloroethylene, the Agency highlighted risks (both cancer and non-cancer) of potential concern.

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). TSCA Workplan Chemical Risk Assessments.

The above item was taken from the January–February 2013 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra (click here for more details).

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