Expertise. Knowledge. Integrity.

We have a simple aspiration, to provide the highest standard of chemical hazard and risk assessments across the broadest range of industries and government organisations. We aim to help our clients cope with the complex and ever changing regulations framed to protect human health, and we endeavour to do this in a way that meets their often challenging time and budgetary constraints. Perhaps our greatest strength is our level of experience, combined with a commitment to continuous education that is second to none. We doubt there is a more experienced and knowledgeable group of toxicologists working together in our field of expertise, in Europe. This, allied to the highest standards of customer service is why we believe, unequivocally, that we should be your partner of choice when your needs relate to any aspect of chemical toxicology. In summary, we are a business run by toxicologists, with a very simple philosophy: we will provide only the best of scientific help and assistance and will do so in a way that guarantees our support wherever and whenever you need it.

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