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It is inevitable that there will be occasions where the existing dataset is not sufficient to allow for a robust hazard characterisation and risk assessment. At other times, a request from a regulator may leave no alternative but to commission additional work. Whatever the context, we can offer advice on a testing programme, from protocol to the final report.

Our connections

We are solely a desk-based team of toxicologists, but we have developed good open and honest relationships with a network of testing laboratories and contract research organisations. This allows us to ensure we contact the best people for the particular task in hand.

Alternatives to testing

Commissioning laboratory animal studies should always be the last resort. We are experts in many alternative approaches, and can suggest where in silico predictions or in vitro assays could be used. Our team also routinely explores the use of read-across, utilising data on a structurally-similar surrogate compound to fill data gaps without the need for additional testing.

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