TRACE – unique chemical database

Over the last 50 years we have built an unrivalled databank of more than half a million key documents on the health effects of chemicals. This databank (and TRACE, its associated database) provides comprehensive coverage of chemicals likely to be present in the workplace, consumer products, food and the environment, as well as information on related international regulatory guidelines.

We believe that the TRACE database is the most effective tool available for identifying documents critical to the toxicological risk assessor. Documents selected for inclusion are identified by our specially trained toxicologists who regularly and systematically screen the official publications and websites of government departments and expert groups, as well as a large number of peer-reviewed toxicology and nutrition journals and secondary sources. Unlike any comparable on-line database, TRACE is therefore uniquely equipped to identify key toxicity reviews and opinions issued by expert organisations from around the world, thus enabling a rapid and robust insight into a chemical’s toxic potential. In recognition of TRACE’s important coverage of the toxicological literature, it has been listed as a valuable data source in the official European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) Guidance on the identification of toxicity data for REACH.

However, what is truly special is the speed with which we can access, on site, the original documents referenced so effectively in TRACE. With such a fast and accurate information retrieval system, our consulting team can offer unrivalled efficiency and level of toxicological advice and support to our clients.

Supported access to TRACE means we can provide timely and accurate information in the field of chemical toxicology and risk and hazard assessment for clients.

Using TRACE, we are able to expertly locate and summarise data according to client requirements, provide accurate information on the health effects and legislative status of selected chemicals, identify specific documents speedily and efficiently, and prepare comprehensive bibliographic reference lists on defined issues. We can assist in the interpretation of new guidelines and requirements for regulatory approvals on any aspects of health or safety legislation.

A range of bespoke current awareness services can be provided, including regular updates of company-specific safety profiles on defined chemicals, and customised searches at agreed intervals for data on specified products (see page on bespoke current awareness services for more information). For more information on TRACE, please click here (please note, this is a PDF document).


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