Kelly Jackson

Kelly Jackson


Kelly has worked part-time for bibra since 2013. After completing her PhD (examining mechanisms of cellular zinc homeostasis), she undertook a short visiting fellowship position at the Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau of Health Canada (exploring the regulation of microRNA expression in mice following acute toxicant exposure). She then spent 3 years working as a Research Scientist for a start-up biotech company in Canada, where she played a role in the development, validation and regulatory clearance of a medical diagnostic device.

At bibra, Kelly is involved in the production of chemical hazard and risk assessment profiles for various consumer products and chemical compounds, summarizing the most pertinent data on toxicology, physical and chemical properties, exposure levels, estimated intake and regulatory status. She is also experienced in writing reports summarising the pharmacological, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic aspects of diverse products.

In her spare time, Kelly enjoys watching her little boy’s football team (and is forced to play football in the garden for at least 1 hour a day…). She also “enjoys” Les Mills classes at the gym and is a Newcastle United fan.

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