Kim jerwood 2023

Kimberley Jerwood


Kim joined bibra in 2022 having completed a MChem at Cardiff University, with her Masters’ research on stereoselective coordination of 2’2’-bipyridine ligands to iridium (III) cores published in the Dalton Transactions. Since joining the company, Kim has had experience evaluating and summarising biocompatibility studies on medical devices in compliance with ISO 10993 guidance, assessing the hazard and risk associated with pharmaceutical impurities and medical devices and producing screening assessments of extractables and leachables. She has also written a couple of posts for the bibra blog. Furthermore, Kim regularly scans Expert Group websites and writes brief summaries on newly released toxicity reports for Toxicology and Regulatory News, bibra’s monthly publication.

Outside of work, Kim enjoys a wide range of hobbies including (but not limited to!) cooking, reading, travelling and exercising however, she is continuously on the hunt for new hobbies as she believes you can never have too many!

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