Following a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, ANSES determined the critical health effect resulting from the repeated inhalation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles to be inflammation of the lungs. It therefore proposed a chronic toxicity reference value (TRV) of 0.12 µg/m3 for the P25 form (an 80%/20% anatase/rutile blend with a primary particle size of about 20-25 nm).

In a separate report, ANSES also considered the recent literature concerning the oral toxicity of titanium dioxide as a food additive (E 171) (which has variable nanoparticulate content, about 6-55%). The Agency noted that no new studies were identified that were able to confirm or refute the potential tumour-promoting effect that was noted in its previous (2017) review.

French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) (2019). Toxicological Reference Value (TRV). Establishment of Chronic Reference Value by inhalation for Titanium Dioxide under nanoform. Collective Expert Appraisal Report. Request No. 2017-SA-0162 “TiO2 TRV”. [See from page 21 for English text.]

[Opinion of ANSES concerning the risks related to the ingestion of the food additive E 171] (in French). Request No. 2019-SA-0036.


The above items were taken from the June 2019 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra.

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