As one of Europe’s leading chemical hazard and risk assessment organisations, Bibra toxicology advice & consulting Ltd have been providing expert advice for almost 60 years.

Our History

Initially founded almost 60 years ago as “BIBRA” (the British Industrial and Biological Research Association), we have since maximised efficiency by doing the opposite of other companies – deliberately reducing our departments and our numbers until just one remained: the “information and advisory service”, essentially a team of experienced desk-based toxicologists.

Sustained originally by joint Government and Industry funding, BIBRA’s noble mission to catalyse the development of the science of applied toxicology in the UK fell foul of the spirit of Thatcherism… Now owned and run by toxicologists, we are a rarity in the world of virtual offices, as we all work under one roof. This close physical proximity greatly assists the efficacy of our in-house education and training programmes.

Our Practice

We provide chemical hazard and risk assessment across a broad range of industries, including: REACH, electronic cigarettes, extractables and leachables (E&L), food and food-contact, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and plant protection products. Our toxicologists bring to the party a huge aggregate number of years of data evaluation – and nothing leaves our office without being peer-reviewed by an RSB/BTS UK and European Registered Toxicologist (ERT).

Our training and commitment to education is second to none. We send our team out to external conferences and seminars as well as hosting fortnightly internal training sessions. Due to our great staff retention, many employees spend their entire career at Bibra; at any time, therefore our internal seminars can be held by someone with anything from 2 to 40 years’ experience. Everyone benefits from the knowledge pool, and we can all take advantage of the individual qualifications held in applied toxicology, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, zoology, forensic science, genetic toxicology, reproductive toxicology and more. We doubt that there’s a more experienced and knowledgeable group of toxicologists working together, in our field of expertise, within Europe.

Our Goal

We aspire to provide the highest standard of chemical hazard and risk assessments. In doing so we help our clients navigate the complex and ever changing regulations framed to protect human health, in a way that meets their often challenging time and budgetary constraints. Bibra scientists are taught to advocate only for science. In our history, our core values of expertise, knowledge and integrity have never changed. Our aspiration is to continue doing more of the same, and thus remain widely-recognised and well-respected for our advice on the health effects of chemicals.


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