Environment Canada/Health Canada has issued a final screening assessment report on TBBPA and two of its derivatives (TBBPA bis(2-hydroxyethyl ether) and TBBPA bis(allyl ether)). Key toxicological and environmental data are summarised with a view to determine whether the compounds should be considered ‘harmful’ under section 64 of the 1999 Canadian Environment Protection Act (CEPA). The report concludes that TBBPA and its derivatives are not entering the environment in a quantity or concentration or under conditions that may represent a danger to human life or health.

Environment Canada/Health Canada. Screening assessment report. Phenol, 4,4'-(1-methylethylidene) bis[2,6-dibromo-, ethanol, 2,2'-[(1-methylethylidene)bis[(2,6-dibromo-4,1-phenylene)oxy]]bis and benzene, 1,1'-(1-methyl-ethylidene)bis[3,5-dibromo-4-(2-propenyloxy)-. November 2013.



The above items were taken from the January/February 2014 issue of Toxicology and Regulatory News which is sent automatically to members of bibra (click here

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