Currently, most regulatory approaches to chemical risk assessment are based on the evaluation of single substances and do not take into account how combined exposures to multiple chemicals may affect human health and the environment. A recently completed study, commissioned by DG Environment, investigated whether existing legislation sufficiently addressed this issue. In the newly released study report, methods for assessing the toxicological hazards and risks of chemical mixtures are reviewed, current provisions in EU legislation are described, and an overview is presented of the various methodologies implemented in Japan and the USA, as well as the approaches followed by various international bodies.

[Kortenkamp A. et al. State of the art report on mixture toxicity. Final report dated 22 December 2009. Study Contract No. 070307/2007/485103/ETU/D.1 (Contractor: School of Pharmacy, University of London). The document is accessible on the DG Environment website at (comments may be submitted electronically via [email protected] by 30 April 2010).] {184366}

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