Over the years, we have specifically chosen key events to attend; whether that be for our continued education, or to meet more people in our industry. As a company, we have an exemplary internal training programme – our knowledge pool has been building for 50 years and we make sure that everyone in the team benefits from it. We regularly send our toxicologists out to conferences and seminars; the information from which is brought back and presented to the rest of the team in our fortnightly tutorial sessions.

We are proud to say that we are regular speakers at a variety of events, plus we are invited speakers at ad hoc and specialised conferences and seminars throughout the year. Below is a list of the places that we’re going to be this year – so please feel free to stop by and see us if you’re at the same event!


Presenting and Sponsoring 2018

We are proud Partners (and Richard will be attending) of the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference in London on November 13th-14th
We are sponsoring, and Pete will be speaking on “TTC: A valuable tool in ISO 10993-17 health risk assessments” at the Biocompatibility for Medical Devices conference in Barcelona on November 28th-29th


Training 2018

Daniel will be attending the Smithers Rapra “Extractables and Leachables: Europe” conference in London on November 7th-8th
Chris and Helen will be attending the Unilever/NC3Rs Safety Assessment Workshop in London on December 10th-11th


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