The use of 1,4-butylene glycol as an enema has proved fatal to two individuals, with effects on the brain, colon, spleen, lung, gastro-intestinal tract and heart. It was of moderate acute oral toxicity to various species of laboratory animals. Kidney, liver and brain damage was induced in rats treated orally. Repeated inhalation exposures affected the blood, thymus and lungs of rats. In mice, foetal body weight was reduced following oral administration to the pregnant dams. 1,4-Butylene glycol was not a significant skin and eye irritant in rabbits and did not induce sensitization when tested as a dilute solution in guinea-pigs. There was no evidence of mutagenicity in an Ames bacterial test or when using the fruit fly.

Date of Publication: 1995

Number of Pages: 7

CAS Number*: 110-63-4

Format: PDF available for immediate download

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