Bromoacetic acid caused severe burns in one individual. It exhibited high acute oral toxicity in rodents and rabbits, and high acute dermal toxicity in rats. Single exposures to the acid or its sodium salt induced nervous system toxicity in dogs treated orally or by injection, whilst eye damage occurred when sodium bromoacetate was given intravenously to rabbits. Damage to the liver, heart, kidney, lung and skeletal muscle was found in pigs which died following repeated oral doses of the acid and movement disorders occurred in those that survived. Repeated oral administration of bromoacetic acid to pregnant rats caused foetal malformations and decreased foetal growth at maternally toxic doses. Limited oral studies in pigs did not reveal any convincing effect of the acid on fertility, but sterility has been reported in rats treated by repeated subcutaneous injection. DNA damage was induced in mouse cells treated with bromoacetic acid.

Date of Publication: 1992

Number of Pages: 5

CAS Number*: 79-08-3



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