Copper naphthenate was a skin irritant in man and in rabbits. Eye damage occurred in rabbits treated with a preparation containing copper naphthenate, while attempts to induce skin sensitization in guinea-pigs with these preparations were unsuccessful. Women exposed to vapours of a pesticide containing copper naphthenate complained of headaches, conjunctivitis, mouth ulcers, an itchy rash, flu-like symptoms and effects on the central nervous system.

Copper naphthenate was generally of low acute oral and dermal toxicity in rodents and rabbits respectively. Single oral doses produced gastro-intestinal lesions in rats and liver abnormalities in a lamb. Repeated intraperitoneal injection into pregnant rats did not affect the offspring. Copper naphthenate was inactive in tests for chromosomal damage or mutations in mammalian cells in culture and in an Ames bacterial test. No (dominant lethal) mutations were seen when female mice were mated with orally-exposed males.

Date of Publication: 1999

Number of Pages: 9

CAS Number*: 1338-02-9

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