Dibutyl sebacate was not an irritant on human skin but was a slight skin irritant in rabbits and guinea-pigs. There was some evidence of skin sensitization potential in workers exposed to the sebacate. Dibutyl sebacate caused effects on the kidneys and nerve function when inhaled by rodents, but was of low acute oral and injection toxicity. Studies involving repeated oral administration revealed no sites of toxic action in rodents. The only effect seen in a reproductive study of orally treated rats was a decrease in pup growth. A limited feeding study generated no evidence of carcinogenicity in rats. Dibutyl sebacate did not induce chromosome damage in the bone marrow of mice treated by injection. It was not mutagenic in bacterial assays (including the Ames test) or in the fruit fly.

Date of Publication: 1998

Number of Pages: 6

CAS Number*: 109-43-3

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