The toxicity of epoxidised soya bean oil (ESBO) varies with its specification. In rabbits it was a mild skin irritant and one grade irritated the eyes. The vapour has caused asthmatic reactions in a worker but attempts to sensitize guinea pig skin using dilute solutions were unsuccessful. ESBO was of low acute toxicity when given orally to rats and dermally to rabbits. In rats, repeated oral administration of some grades caused liver, kidney, testis and uterus effects. No convincing effects on reproduction or on offspring development were seen in rats given ESBO by stomach tube during mating and pregnancy. There was no evidence of carcinogenicity in rats given ESBO in the diet or (in a limited study) in mice treated by the dermal route. ESBO did not damage the chromosomes or induce mutations in mammalian cells in culture. In bacterial (Ames) tests there was no indication of mutagenicity.

Date of Publication: 1997

Number of Pages: 8

CAS Number*: 8013-07-8

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