Isopropyl myristate (IPM) has produced slight irritation of human skin, mild irritation of the rabbit eye and moderate irritation of rabbit skin. Other local effects have included nasal and lung irritation during inhalation of aerosols in monkeys and rats, acne development after application to rabbit skin, and increased permeability of human skin to certain other substances. Skin sensitization reactions have only rarely been reported, and no sensitizing potential has been detected in studies involving a large number of volunteers with normal skin. IPM was of low acute toxicity to laboratory animals by the oral and dermal routes. Repeated administration produced slight effects on the liver and blood in rats treated orally and in rabbits given skin applications. No evidence of skin carcinogenicity was seen in mice or a small number of rabbits, but one brief report suggested that IPM can promote the action of a known skin carcinogen in mice. An Ames bacterial test gave no evidence of mutagenicity.

Date of Publication: 2005

Number of Pages: 10

CAS Number*: 110-27-0

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