The term magenta is used loosely and may refer to mixtures of four structurally-related compounds, magenta I, magenta II, magenta III and parafuchsine, in varying proportions. ‘Magenta’ manufacture has been associated with bladder cancer in man. Parafuchsine produced tumours at a variety of sites when fed to rats and mice, and was genotoxic in a number of in vitro tests. Magenta and magenta III were mutagenic in the bacterial Ames test. Repeated oral administration of magenta I or parafuchsine to laboratory animals caused early death, with parafuchsine producing a range of tissue effects. Low concentrations of magenta were not strongly irritating to the skin of humans. Magenta and magenta III were eye irritants in rabbits.

Date of Publication: 1996

Number of Pages: 8

CAS Number*: 632-99-5




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