Neat methyl thioacetate (MTA) was moderately irritating to the rabbit skin but guinea pigs appeared to be less susceptible. Severe conjunctival effects were seen in rabbit eyes following instillation of the neat material. In rats, the vapour caused eye irritation as well as irritation and thickening of the nasal tissue. MTA was not a skin sensitizer in guinea pigs. Its acute toxicity in rats exposed by inhalation was moderate; effects on the lungs, liver and spleen were observed. Acute dermal toxicity in rats and rabbits was moderate; the rabbits suffered optic nerve damage and effects on the kidneys, lungs, thymus and spleen. MTA caused mutations in mouse cells in culture, but was not an Ames mutagen in bacteria.

Date of Publication: 1997

Number of Pages: 4

CAS Number*: 1534-08-3

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