Naphthenic acid produced moderate irritation of the skin and eye in rabbits. It had a low acute toxicity orally in rats and mice and by skin application in rabbits. Effects on the central nervous system followed single or repeated oral administration to rodents. Changes in the liver and stomach were seen in mice given repeated oral doses.

The calcium and manganese salts had a low acute oral toxicity in rats. Brief reports note that repeated skin application of calcium naphthenate did not affect reproduction in rabbits, but did induce skin tumours in mice. The calcium salt was not mutagenic to yeast or bacteria (including an Ames test) and did not cause chromosome damage in mammalian cells in culture. The sodium salt was not mutagenic in the Ames test. In hamster cells in culture, it induced chromosome effects but not overt chromosome damage.

Date of Publication: 1999

Number of Pages: 7

CAS Number*: 1338-24-5




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