Nonanoic acid was a skin irritant in humans, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs, and caused eye irritation in rabbits. Inhalation of the aerosol was irritating to the respiratory tract of rats. No skin sensitization was induced in volunteers exposed repeatedly to a dilute solution. The acute oral toxicity of nonanoic acid was low in rats and mice, and the acute dermal toxicity was low in rats and rabbits. There was apparently no reproductive or developmental toxicity in rats treated orally during pregnancy. In mice, a limited dermal study revealed no evidence of skin carcinogenicity. There was essentially no indication of mutagenic potential in mammalian or bacterial cells treated in culture, and no chromosomal effects were observed when mice were given single oral doses.

Date of Publication: 2001

Number of Pages: 8

CAS Number*: 14047-60-0



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