Patent Blue V was of low acute oral toxicity in rats and mice. Although a 13-wk feeding study in dogs suggested a possible mild effect on the kidneys and gall bladder, slight blood abnormalities in mice were the only tissue effects identified during lifetime feeding studies in rats and mice using higher doses. Patent Blue V had no adverse effects on the reproduction of rats or mice treated orally. There was no convincing evidence of carcinogenicity in rats or mice given repeated oral doses. No genotoxic activity was demonstrated in a range of screening assays, including tests for chromosomal damage in mice treated orally and tests for mutagenicity in bacteria (Ames test). Patients with a history of skin complaints or asthma suffered no recurrence of their symptoms following the ingestion of Patent Blue V.

Date of Publication: 1997

Number of Pages: 7

CAS Number*: 3536-49-0

Format: PDF available for immediate download

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