Piperidine has caused skin damage in one subject and was severely irritant to rabbit and guinea-pig skin and to rabbit eyes. Irritation occurred in volunteers inhaling piperidine. The acute oral toxicity was high in mice and moderate in rats and rabbits. It was of moderate acute toxicity to rats, mice and guinea-pigs exposed by inhalation and to rabbits exposed dermally. Repeated oral exposure resulted in tissue changes in the accessory sex glands of male rats. Multiple inhalation exposures produced effects on the liver, kidney, cardiovascular system and brain of rats and rabbits, and affected sperm production. Foetal development was adversely affected when pregnant rats were exposed by inhalation. Limited feeding studies revealed no evidence of carcinogenicity in rats. In mammalian cells in culture, piperidine was mutagenic and has given equivocal results for DNA damage but was not mutagenic to bacteria in Ames tests.

Date of Publication: 1989

Number of Pages: 5

CAS Number*: 110-89-4

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