Dilute sodium polyacrylate solutions were not irritant to the skin of humans or rabbits, but caused eye irritation in rabbits. Sodium polyacrylate was of low acute oral toxicity to rodents, but when injected caused general respiratory collapse, heart failure, central nervous system disturbances and widespread tissue damage. Oral administration of sodium polyacrylate to pregnant rats did not produce any foetotoxicity or malformations at maternally toxic doses. There was no evidence of chromosomal damage in mice given a high oral dose of sodium polyacrylate, or in mammalian cells in culture, but a Soviet study reported chromosomal damage in mammalian cells treated with polyacrylic acid. The sodium salt showed no signs of mutagenic activity in mammalian cells in culture or in bacterial assays (including Ames tests).

Date of Publication: 1990

Number of Pages: 5

CAS Number*: 9003-01-4


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