Propionic acid is a normal body metabolite and occurs naturally in various foods, especially dairy products. Ingestion of propionic acid or its salts has been reported to induce behavioural disturbances in some children and migraine in three adults. The acute oral toxicity of the acid and its salts was low in rodents but a moderate acute dermal toxicity has been reported for the acid in rabbits. Repeated oral administration of propionic acid to rats produced damage and tumours in the forestomach, and effects on the oesophagus in dogs. Short-term genotoxicity studies (including Ames bacterial tests) have given essentially negative results. Studies involving oral administration of the calcium salt to pregnant animals of a range of species found no adverse reproductive effects. Skin and eye irritancy has been reported in man following contact with propionic acid or its sodium salt. The acid was a powerful skin and eye irritant in rabbits.

Date of Publication: 1991

Number of Pages: 10

CAS Number*: 79-09-4




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