Sage oil Dalmatian has caused skin irritation in man, whereas Clary and Spanish sage oil have not. Clary sage oil provoked sensitization reactions in some individuals. Spanish sage oil was not a skin irritant in rabbits, mice or pigs but Clary sage oil and sage oil Dalmatian irritated the skin of rabbits. In acute studies each of the sage oils exhibited a low oral toxicity in rats and a low dermal toxicity in rabbits. Ingestion of sage oil by man has produced effects on the nervous system, blood, and possibly the liver. Sage oil did not induce chromosome damage in mice treated by intraperitoneal injection, or in hamster cells treated in culture. It was mutagenic in mouse cells, but not in Ames bacterial tests. One type of sage oil (probably Dalmatian) has been shown to induce DNA damage in bacteria.

Date of Publication: 1990

Number of Pages: 6

CAS Number*: 8022-56-8


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